About the divorce mediation services of Dr. Gladys Rothbell and Dr. Sheldon Rothbell


Get the best divorce value on Long Island. Free consultation. Significantly reduce attorney costs. No up-front payment. Pay as you go.


Even under the best of circumstances, negotiating a divorce settlement causes some anxiety. Understanding this, we have created an office environment for your divorce mediation that is very private, non-commercial, and (according to our divorce mediation clients) very warm, comfortable and relaxing.


We will personally mediate all aspects of your divorce, answer all your legal or other questions, and prepare all of your divorce papers. You will not have to go to court. We will deal with the divorce court for you.


You will be given an appointment usually within a week from the time you call. After that, the speed at which you proceed with the divorce mediation will be up to you. We can schedule your appointments very close together or spread out over a longer period of time. Your draft agreement will be completed within a few weeks from the time you have completed the mediation.


With their professional backgrounds and decades of experience, the divorce mediation team is uniquely suited to help you reach an agreement that is fair and practical. For families with children, agreements are carefully crafted to protect the rights of parents and the best interests of children. Our knowledge of divorce law, child development and family emotional dynamics can help you to proceed in a way that is least traumatic for everyone.

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