Dr. Sheldon Rothbell

Dr. Sheldon RothbellThe attorney, Dr. Sheldon Rothbell, has the extraordinary qualification of being both an experienced matrimonial attorney and a former educator with a doctorate from Columbia University. In his career as an educator, he taught grades from kindergarten through high school, worked as an assistant principal, and ultimately worked as an Assistant Superintendent in New York City for a district with an enrollment of 45,000 pupils. He also taught Child Psychology at Dalhousie University. This experience is very helpful in ensuring that your agreement will adequately meet the educational and psychological needs of children.

In his career as an attorney, he has developed expertise in family law, including divorce and custody. Since 1991, he has represented numerous clients in contested divorce cases as well as mediated cases. His clients have included couples whose estates are in the multi-millions as well as couples who are struggling to make ends meet.

His divorce cases have covered a variety of complex issues such as:
• Difficult custody disputes
• A mentally ill parent
• Alleged child abuse
• Disputed inheritances
• Grandparenting rights
• Special needs children
• Green card /immigration issues

In addition to divorces, Dr. Rothbell is also experienced in assisting couples with prenuptial agreements, as well as post-nuptial contracts.

He is a strong advocate of divorce mediation as a result of his direct professional experience with the much higher financial and emotional costs of contested divorces.

Dr. Rothbell is a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and is a certified divorce mediator.